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"What's Next?" Registration!

Or, we could say… “Now What?”


Have you been inspired by this message? Do you question how to begin?  Would you like to hear how other families are implementing family worship in their homes?


Here are some easy steps to consider:


1. Purchase The Family Bible Revolution to catch the vision. Become competent in         the One Simple Truth, Five Essential Principles, and Six Easy Steps.


2. Go to and watch this revealing one-hour documentary on         the segregated modern church.


3. For family worship tools; consider purchasing the Captain’s One-Page Lessons         now published in seven volumes.


4. Gather your family and follow the six easy steps.


5. Attend our “What’s Next?” meetings to reflect, ask questions, share testimonies,       and receive encouragement. Bring the whole family, because the revolution is           generational! Register for our next meeting below.

Next Meeting: No meeting scheduled at this time
Sign up today and bring the whole family!
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