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Kisumu, Kenya

Shalom Pastor Jim,

Hope you are find in the Lord.  I am doing well.  The Lord has been faithful to us.  This week we produced 500 copies of Biblical Headship and Family Vision have given out 385 copies.  Also we still have pastors who come look for last month's series "Why New Tongues?"  I discovered that many don't have such materials so they see this as an opportunity.  Please continue to pray for us.  I will give the other copies more updates.  Blessings.

 - John O.

Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Pastor Jim,

Greetings in Jesus name.  I have been going through this your book "THE FAMILY BIBLE REVOLUTION" chapter by chapter, page by page, word by word, letter by letter until the end.  I am happy that I had managed to go through it all.  This book has changed my mind the way of thinking and above all, changed my family in a positive way.  I have to give you credit for this. Shalom.

 - Denish O.

Aylett, Virginia

There are many facets to one’s life and all these different areas are intertwined to form the mosaic uniquely called “You”.  There’s the “You” that everyone sees and the inner “You” that is in torment. “You” are involved in a wonderful home and family, varying meaningful relationships, fulfilling work and recreation along with so many other areas too numerous to list.  But “You” feel something is lacking. How can “You” maintain any balance in your life being pulled this way and that, constantly?  The stresses of just living weigh on you unmercifully.  “You” begin to question decisions, lacking confidence in your ability.

“You” are unable to focus, unable to reach a place of rest, a place of peace. “You” have hope but weaning faith to back it up. That “You” above was me!  Yepper, ME was “You”! All of that mess, that noise I called life, was the torment I was living off and on for 25 plus years.  I was living a lie and shirking my responsibilities as a husband and father. Thinking the whole time that I had it covered.

You see, my wife, (the gift directly from God), and I imagined ourselves to be the perfect example of how a marriage should be.  There is a Godly love and passion between us.  We always put each other first.  You know, perfect match! Well, that being true, there had always been an unexplained limit on us.  It wasn’t anything we could put our finger on. Why? Because we were looking with the natural eye.  Our’s was a spiritual problem…or the lack thereof.  The problem lied in me not being the head of my family.  I was weak, I was stupid!  I was arrogant! 

The Family Bible Revolution revealed to us God’s way of opening the doors to His fullness.  It is based on the principle of togetherness, sharing, edification and recognizing the levels of Godly Headship (Leadership).


Sharing the Word of God with the ones you love, talking about it, praying together, on a daily basis, has systematically resolved all those issues my “You” had.   Our marriage has reached new levels of strength, intimacy and trust before unknown.

There IS a renewed Faith, Hope and confidence that God our Father is faithful to His Word and that we are firmly established in His Grace through our Lord Jesus the Messiah!

I dare say if we had not been exposed to this truth called Family Bible Revolution, which is an extremely old principle that has been neglected, our family would still be meandering about in mediocrity.  Now, though, our only limit is the one we place on ourselves and that is heavenly in its origin.

 - Michael & Leigh C.

Richmond, VA

Pastor Jim had been ministering on The Family Bible Revolution as it pertains to studying the scriptures, worship and prayer with your family. Well, I believed that God could change the skeptics in my household and He did just that. After several months of ministering to my son's, I began seeing the smallest of changes in their attitudes towards God, Church and prayer. To make a long story short, not only did God change the hearts of my 2 son's, He saved their girlfriends also. My eldest is attending church. The Family Bible Revolution is alive in my house. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Thank you Pastor Jim Langlois for your obedience and your commitment to minister "The Family Bible Revolution".

~Jacquie P.

Elkton, VA

Thank you for having the grit to set down and print the words that you heard from His Holy Spirit.  I doubt that any could raise an objection to the content of this "The Family Bible Revolution".  I thank God that it is time to pull up the simpler things of His to re-ignite the church.  I pray along side with you for the head(s) of the households to rise up and re-take the ground lost many years ago.

Many years ago, I prayed that God use me to affect the "lives of 1,000,000 children, and their families."  Being that God's harvests are exponential, it would be impossible to keep score.  But in this came the reality that it can not bypass the fathers/husbands.  The "Revolution" book places the onus back on their shoulders, with the emphasis on the family unit working out/walking out, this journey together, not separate. For years I wondered at the importance, and efficiency of splitting up the family for church rather than sitting together the "old school" way, and divining the truth together.  I am sure that the material in this vision will be used by God to put a significant amount of flesh onto the bones in the valley.

I pray big blessings all over your life, thank you for your words.  I am encouraged.

~Paul G.


Elkton, VA

My wife and I attended the reunion in Highland Springs and accepted the invitation to join the revolution.  We purchased  books for families in our church.  This past Sunday (June 26th) I presented the "vision" of Family Worship, the challenge to join, and and invitation to become a "new recruit" at the end of the service.  We had almost 100% participation of "heads of households" coming forward and committing to Family Worship in their homes (fathers, single moms, and grandmothers).  We are so excited about this "move of God" in our land for our families.  We strongly encourage everyone to join, get the book, and begin Family Worship in your home on a daily basis (morning & evening).  We anticipate needing more books!  I encourage Pastors to get this book and share it with families in your church.  It is life changing and church changing.  The stronger our families are, the stronger our churches will be. JOIN THE REVOLUTION!  

~Pastors Don & Patti M.


Elkton, VA


I brought my (SKA) Sunday school class to your Captains Charismatic’s Family Reunion
presentation.  My grandson had been to a
Special you put on a few years earlier he was really excited and got the whole

Sunday school class excited about going. 
They couldn’t wait for PVC man.

When we got
there after a 2 hr drive the kids were a little washed out, not for long though.  You came out and got all people young and old alike up and really moving.  You were teaching about FAMILY TIME verses FAMILY WORSHIP.  The whole presentation was based not only to get the children excited, but the adults were also excited.  The whole theater was excited the energy was fabulous.  

On the way home the kids couldn’t wait till Sunday morning they wanted to go tell the adult service about what they had learned.  The whole class told them about the Father, Mother, Master of the House and the 6 steps we need to do to get to FAMILY WORSHIP back into the world.  One young man recited the scripture you had us say a few times. (word for word) Matthew 5:14-15.

The thing I wanted to thank you for the most was one of the boys in my class lives with his
Dad, Step-mother and siblings.  He really struggles in his home life.  When he got
back the first thing he did was go home and tell his father that he had learned about FAMILY WORSHIP and explained the 6 steps.  His Dad was so receptive and the step mother was also.  They started doing Family worship together that very next day.  So like they say a child will lead them.

Thanks again for being founder of the Family Bible Revolution. Hope to see you again real


~Darlene S.

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