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The FBR Team


Pastor Jim Langlois
Pastor Jim founded The Master’s House in Ashland, Virginia in 2004. The Master’s House is now located in Henrico and is a Word of Faith, Spirit-Filled, Family-Integrated Church. Its vision is “Building the Family of God through Worship, Relationship, and Service.” Pastor Jim was an Assistant Pastor and Children’s Minister in Richmond, Virginia for 23 years before starting The Master’s House in Ashland, Virginia (  He is a graduate of Life Christian University, having earned his Ph.D. in Theology.  He has also received a Bachelors of Ministry degree from the International School of Ministry. Pastor Jim is the founder of The Family Bible Revolution with a passion for empowering each "Master of the House" to rise up and keep the lamp of God's Word lit in the home (Matthew 24:43). Pastor Jim is the author of several books which are are available at,, and He publishes a blog at, a daily e-mail devotional, and New Testament Bible Reading Plan that can be subscribed to at under 'Media'.


Thelma is the Financial Director at The Master’s House.  Thelma has been a member of The Master’s House family since the first year it was established.  She’s faithfully been a member of the Advisory Team for many years and has overseen several departments in that time; the Information Station, Product and Media Sales, Visitors Ministry, and Hospitality just to name a few. Her services to The Master’s House are invaluable.  She continues to be a mentor to many, not just in ministry at TMH, but in everyday life. Where would we all be without Thelma?


Katy is Pastor Jim's wife!  She has been a long-time member of The Master’s House family.  She serves as Worship Leader, Media Designer, and other various tasks that may be needed.  Katy edited and formatted Pastor Jim Langlois’ books and is co-writing a new book with him currently.  Her heart is to see broken families restored and to encourage the Master of the House to rise up and answer the call God has placed on his/her life!


Georgia faithfully runs Information Technology (I.T.) at The Master’s House and is a natural with hospitality and event planning.  She has traveled with the FBR team and Captain Charismatic around the state of Virginia to minister to families.  You will often see her dressed up as a mime who is encouraged to give her heart to Jesus.  She serves in many capacities, such as; product sales, FBR Event set-ups, and various outreach ministry events. She has a servant’s heart and her love for Jesus shines through all she does.

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