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How Easy Is This To Do?

 Step 1:  Open the Bible - Very easy.

 Step 2:  Read it to your family - Read a verse, a few verses or a chapter (a good suggestion is to start with the book of John). - Very easy. It will be the end-time manifestation that ushers in the return of Christ.

 Step 3:  Discuss it for how it should change your thinking and living - This takes no preparation the night before. No Bible diploma or education is necessary. You do not have to fully understand it. Just read it and discuss together what it says. - Very easy.

 Step 4:  Pray for one another, the saints, and the lost - Keep your prayers simple and sincere. - Very easy.

 Step 5:  Do it at the beginning and the end of the day - In today’s society, different schedules can be difficult to coincide. Can you meet at least for 10-15 minutes? Can you do 20 to 30 minutes? This is not the easiest step, but with determination, it can be accomplished. The more you do it, the easier it will become.

 Step 6:  Now you are trained, go do it - With simple obedience and God’s help, you can change your entire family, easily.

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