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How can we effectively continue to evangelize this ever changing world? Would a flash flood of the Word be as effective as an underground watering system at the roots? Who would be the first we should target? 

Is there a way to have such a thing as systemic sustainable evangelism? If so, how could we accomplish it and how much money and resources would we need to bring it to pass? Should we be concerned with both salvation and discipleship? Is it possible to accomplish both at the same time? Can it be done through a volunteer system or will we need to hire staff?

These are all great questions and although all types of evangelism are necessary and effective, the approach within this book can be accomplished without any of the above. It can also have tremendous value  for the success of marriages and families. One truth, five principles, and six steps. It's  The Family Bible Revolution and step six is where the rubber meets the road!

The Family Bible Revolution

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