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Happily Ever After is the undying hope for most couples who proclaim their undying love by sacred vow. But is it a reasonable and attainable hope, or is it merely an illusion rooted in eros and emotion when we declare, “I DO?“

The statistics of our time reveal a society tragically torn between the sacredness of a holy vow and the sorry state of betrothal and marital bliss. As one-holy matrimony fades in favor of a “hook-up“ culture defined increasingly by “have it my way“ cohabitation, the “hopes and dreams of all the years“ are betrayed by brokenness.

It is painful to point out the obvious that happily ever after is being lost indeed sacrificed on the now “sacred“ altar of the “ME, Me, me“ generation in pursuit of the eternal SELF. Lost to the marital imagination is the hope of Happily Ever After. might such a life-invigorating hope be restored? Is it possible that the simple secrets contained in a marital motto might breathe back into our marriages the hope that once sprang eternal in the breast of the betrothed?

HAPPILY MARRIED may just provide the needed spark. For, as we know, "it only takes a spark to get a fire going." In this small book, husband and wife will find marriage-transforming nuggets of truth passionately presented by Chuck and Kathie Crismier, whose fifty years of marriage are transparently translated so as to torch the life of every married couple.

A simple motto has guided and protected their marriage over many years, and in HAPPILY MARRIED, they offer its seven secrets to you. They call it OUR MARRIAGE MOTTO. Perhaps it will become yours.


(Chuck and Kathie Crismier)

Lasting Love: Enduring Secrets for Marital Success

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